Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Big Wow pics and highlights

So my friend Luke and I went to Big Wow Comicfest 2013 this past weekend and we had a great time. We saw a lot of neat stuff and got some good deals.

We walked by the horror hosts and talked with them at their booth.

They were really cool and they had a panel about the history or horror posting as part of Creatures Con 2.

I talked to Steve Englehart for a bit and he was happy to sign my copy of Avengers: The Serpent Crown.
After I got his autograph, Luke and I went to get lunch at Subway and Steve was in the line behind us. I never had that experience before with anyone who had worked in the industry, so it was cool and kinda funny.
We walked around some more after lunch and saw a remote controlled R2-D2 as well as some stuff the Bay Area Ghostbusters had set up.

We even checked out some awesome artwork by the talented Corey Bass...

Then we walked around some more and I had amazing artist Geof Darrow sign my copy of Hard Boiled...
He seemed like a pretty easy-going guy. I guess he hadn't signed a lot of copies of Hard Boiled that day, so I guess as a result of my remembering it, he did a sketch of the main character as part of his autograph.

Our last main attraction of Saturday was having Herb Trimpe sign my Hulk and Rawhide Kid books...
On Sunday, after getting our picture taken with Stan Lee, we went back to the Creatures Con 2 booth and we talked to Ernie Fosselius a bit about animation since I had done some myself and asked him about what he had done...
He was pretty cool and I was glad to have talked to him since I didn't get a chance to in previous years. My friend is holding up a card with John Stanley's (of Creature Features) autograph as kind of a joke because Stan Lee was there on Sunday and Ernie said we could get an autographed photo of John Stanley for 100 bucks.
After walking around some more and getting some good deals on comics, we checked out the awesome artwork of Charles Yoakum...

He was working on the Batman artwork (pictured above) when we stopped by and it was interesting to hear what he had to say about scaling down large 18"x24" original artwork down for use in comics, magazines, and whatnot.
All in all, we had a good time. I look forward to next year's convention.