Monday, January 31, 2011

So I saw Thursday

Only got to see 'em play a few songs, though, cuz my buddy and we got to the show later than we planned to cuz San Francisco isn't easy to navigate. Thought we going in the right direction when my friend asked some guy where Van Ness was yet he pointed us in the wrong direction for some reason. My friend caught up to a lady and she told us where Van Ness actually was, which helped us out until we had to stop and ask for directions to The Regency Ballroom. Getting there took another fifteen or so minutes. So getting to the concert was an adventure in itself. Like I said, trying to find The Regency Ballroom in SF is like trying to find a freakin' neddle in a haystack. You'd think it'd be obvious where it is, but no -- freakin' internet directions screwed us over since they weren't very clear. At least we hung around after for a few of Underoath's songs.

When my friend and I got there, we were searched for anything we could get kicked out for but we were clear. However, some people got away with taking weed in there and smoked it when Underoath played. The lady that looked in my backpack noticed my camera and I told that I might not even use it. Noticing the size of it, she thought it was a video camera and I told her it was a camera that uses floppy disks to take pictues and she was surprised to hear that since she hadn't heard the term "floppy disk" in a long time. I didn't take any pictures cuz there wasn't much battery life in my camera cuz I charged it about an hour before I left to meet my friend. That and there was really no reason to take pictures. Despite getting to the concert late, we still had a good time. I didn't engage in moshing nor did my friend during the Underoath show since we're not really into it.

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