Wednesday, February 2, 2011

One of those days:

A screwy one at that. By the time I reached my algebra class this morning, there was a sign on the door saying that class had benn cancelled, which I was OK with because I could just write down the assignments that had been posted on the door as well and do 'em in the library. Shortly after writing down the assignments, I headed over to the library. I got there about 9:15 and checked out a math book to do the assignments since my order for books hadn't been processed yet. So I walked on my math while listening to my iPod and thought I'd finish my assignments at a reasonable time. Well, I was just about done with 'em until about 11:00 when the power went out all over campus. There was a lady that walked around the library and she said people could work in there since the natural lighting from outside provided enough light for everyone. I worked for a few more minutes until a campus policeman walked into the library and said everyone had to leave until the power outage was figured out. So I left and when I exited the building, some staff were telling people to pick up the pace in terms of exiting the library. Myself and others had to be careful to not fall on the stairs while exiting, though, because there's a big, long staircase that connects the library to the lower ground.

Once I made it down the stairs, I walked around to see if I could hang out with anyone, but I didn't really find anyone. Students either walked around in a zombie swarm-like fashion or stood around and talked. I walked to the student center and spent a few minutes there until some guy with a megaphone told everyone to exit. Once I exited, I found somewhere to sit down and contemplate the situation. After a while, I had lunch and headed over to see a former teacher of mine so she could interview me about a class I took with her.

I got to my teacher's office at about 12:30, which was when the interview was scheduled. She wasn't around and I noticed a sign that said she'd be back at 1:15, which was the assumed time that the power would go back on. I decided to hang around and wait. She arrived a little after 1:00 and she said she was late because she had to eat lunch off campus since the power was out and since no one was allowed to go to the student center to buy lunch. So after a little planning on the spot and figuring that it would be best to conduct the interview in her office, we got started. The interview went pretty good and my teacher was glad I came by because she was worried all day. After the interview, I headed to the nearest Wendy's -- the one near my school -- to use the bathroom since I didn't attempt to use a bathroom on campus because I figured pretty much all the bathrooms were locked. I walked to the bus stop after going to Wendy's and got on the 62 when the bus came.

Nothing really exciting happened on the bus except for when one of the tires popped for some unknown reason. Some guy in the back kept saying, "Oh, my God," but I didn't know if it was his fault that the tire popped. The bus driver left myself and others off at the bus stop near the Pruneyard, which was OK with me because I just had to wait for the next 62. Plus, the bus driver gave me two day passes since I didn't have any money to pay for the next bus. He figured if I lost one pass, I'd have another. I got on the next 62 and got home a little after 3:00.

It was quite a day for me...makes me wonder why I even got out of bed today.

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