Saturday, February 26, 2011

Glassjaw's back

With plenty of new material.  Ever since 2002's Worship and Tribute, fans of Glassjaw -- including myself -- have been wondering if Glassjaw was gonna release any new songs and they did. I bought Worship and Tribute a few months, so I didn't have to wait as long as some people, but still you'd think a band with two EPs and two full-length albums would've released new material probably about a year or two after Worship and Tribute. The band's vocalist, Daryl Palumbo, is involved in other projects, which explains the hiatus. Plus, the fact that he has Crohn's disease probably had an effect on how the band put music together in terms of new material. I still have much respect for Daryl despite the hardships he's faced. The singles release, Our Color Green, which I downloaded recently, has had all five of its songs performed live but I guess they were never released in a CD or digital format up until the beginning of this year. Even though I've already listened to the songs All Good Junkies Go to Heaven, Jesus Glue, and You Think You're (John Fucking Lennon) via YouTube, it's still nice to have 'em on iTunes where I could have 'em on a playlist. I would've gone to upcoming Glassjaw show this Sunday night at The Regency Ballroom, but I got other things going on, including a math test the next day. I downloaded the Coloring Book EP -- which is being handed out on Glassjaw's tour -- today and I'm enjoying it so far. Hopefully all the new material will hold me over till the next full-length release. With a band as inventive and musically diverse as Glassjaw, it's easy to understand that one would anticipate new material just to experience it.

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