Saturday, September 10, 2011

Just not worth it:

That's how I feel about debates with people over the internet. They usually aren't worth my time and they cause more trouble than necessary. I have better things to do and it's a shame that those who debate are looking to debate with people don't. And I hope the debates I been having on deviantART are the last ones I have for a while even though it is fun to poke holes in one's logic or illustrate that his or argument has no real basis and is based on emotion for the sake of feeling better about oneself. When I do debate with people (over the internet), I'm not good about getting back to them because, like I said, I usually have better things to do and/or don't get up early enough to get back to them. I dunno if my delayed reponses piss people off, in the instance that they're looking to get things over and/or with they didn't expect me to respond, but it reminds of middle school or high school or whatever when somebody would write "Hi" on a desk hoping that someone (from the next class) would respond to what was written. It was a delayed response, yes, but it was kind of a special thing when somebody would respond. And just because a person has a good argument saying that God's omniscience and free will can't co-exist or what have you doesn't mean they're right.

I think the following sums up how I feel about the topic at hand:

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